Adjunct Professor, South Carolina College of Pharmacy

Mr. Whitelaw has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, starting as a sales representative with Eli Lilly and Company. He advanced to Director, Health Care Affairs and Health Economics before starting SMT in 1991. This professional experience honed his skills in the public and private policy arenas. These same skills continue to provide successful results for SMT clients in the application of evidence- based medicine, outcomes studies and health economics. At SMT, George oversees the development of product-specific tactical support programs for both immediate and long-term implementation, and assists clients in the application of evidence-based medicine, outcomes studies, and health economics.

On the international scene, Mr. Whitelaw has administered the Global Health Policy Group, which formulates programs and studies that address global and country-specific health care issues that impact patient access, define appropriate and inappropriate use, care standards, payment methodologies, emergence of new policy initiatives, and assessment of government methods to balance the budget with quality care. Members of the group include the major global pharmaceutical companies.

A Registered Pharmacist in the State of New York, George’s educational accomplishments include a BS from St. John’s College of Pharmacy and extensive graduate credits at the Wharton School of Business

Nevin Whitelaw - Vice President

With a background in finance and economics, Nevin directs the development of innovative sales tools that focus on the financial factors used in managed care and government health plans. These products range from provider coding education programs, employer panels, product analysis and financial outcomes for Phase 3 studies. In 2005, Nevin contributed to an award-winning website designed to assist Medicare beneficiaries in making decisions about the Medicare Part D Prescription Plan. His expertise is predominantly in the reimbursement and market access arena, but most recently, Nevin has focused his attention on quality and performance measures, and pay for performance programs and their impact on the healthcare industry.

Kay E. Jewell, MD - Vice President of Medical Affairs

Dr. Jewell has worked with SMT for over 10 years. She focuses on health policy with significant commitment to measures design, and the impact of coverage and reimbursement policies on clinical issues. Dr. Jewell’s experience provides a rich background in Medicare policy, having served as Medical Officer at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in Baltimore and prior to that, as Medical Director for WPS, the Medicare Part B carrier in Wisconsin. This extensive background in health policy has been of value to the work she has undertaken for SMT, including Medicare submissions on the value of AMA CPT codes, provider payment levels on patient access, issues related to Medicare Parts B and D, Quality Indicators for Nursing Homes, patient education on Part D, National Patient Safety Goals, CMS DME demonstration, Quality Improvement Organizations, new payment policies and on going relationships with critical partners in the metamorphous of healthcare. Dr. Jewell’s graduate studies in Human and Community Resources add depth to her consulting and her part-time clinical practice, where she focuses on healthy life styles, nutrition, and wellness for persons with chronic conditions.

Denise A. Cannaday, JD – Vice President Legal Counsel and Policy

Denise brings a legal perspective stemming from several years practicing in Los Angeles, Paris and Virginia involved in anti-trust litigation, insurance litigation and corporate law. She was actively involved with the Global Health Policy Group since its inception and has more recently been active in the emerging Pay for Performance and quality initiatives and their impact on the healthcare market. Denise has been involved in providing strategic and tactical advice to pharmaceutical companies marketing and policy departments on the business implications of coverage and reimbursement rules and in developing plans to influence Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, fiscal intermediaries and health plans. She has also been instrumental in assisting state agencies and subcontractors with regulatory compliance for repackaging and distribution of drugs and biologics. Denise’s educational accomplishments include Law Review at University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and Editor in Chief of the Comparative Law Yearbook, an International Law Review.

SMT has a multidisciplinary team comprised of:

Health Economist Managed Care Contractor
PBM & Managed Care Oncologist Physician Practice Management
Global Pricing Pharmaceutical Contracting
Medicaid Administrator Pharmacy Analyst
Federal Government Affairs Liaison State Government Affairs Liaison
Public Policy Analyst CMS Medical Director
HHS/CMS Policy Consultant Hospital Administration
Clinical Research

SMT’s access to key players at each level of the decision tree is critical to understanding the factors that drive a particular audience. Armed with real-world intelligence, SMT is able to produce client-focused, product specific strategies to gain the best coverage and reimbursement for our client’s products.

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